About imagine copy

Chances are, you are researching ways to add to your online presence. Maybe you feel you need to add to your credibility. You know you are doing good work, but it can be difficult to compete with the sheer amount of content thrust upon the everyday user. You know you need a stronger online presence. And you definitely want more people to visit your website.

As a writer, I can help you generate online engagement and shape your brand’s reputability.

Written content is key to establishing rapport with your audience - both live and robotic. Consumers and brands benefit from developing an ongoing relationship. The modern customer continues to interact with a brand beyond a simple transaction. And to find your brand online, you need Google on your side. Creating blog posts enables search engines to understand exactly how you relate to your consumers.

The challenge you face as a business owner is continually developing relevant, contemporary written content without sacrificing your full attention from the day-to-day running of your business.

By writing specialised pieces for you, I will ensure your website, and more importantly your brand, solidifies its:

  • industry authority
  • quality brand identity
  • and leads

About me

My name is Aisling, and I am a technophile.

The fact that we can communicate efficiently worldwide still blows my mind. Blogging and social media have the potential to break down cultural, gender, educational, economic and geographical barriers. There are now so many ways we can launch and manage businesses: many are mobile and location-independent. Online communities can now be leveraged to have a reach across almost the entire globe. It is exciting to consider just how quickly technology is improving, and how it can also improve our lives. 

And that is how Imagine Copy was conceived: an online solution for businesses who need that little extra support writing content for their website and social media channels.

I have both academic and professional expertise in blogging and content development.

In 2014 I graduated from The University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Communication. In 2015 I was awarded Honours Class II for my thesis about online communication. My years of study were devoted to understanding public relations: building and preserving a business’ branding.

Professionally, I have served as a copywriter, contributor and digital content editor for a slew of businesses and publications. I love discovering new topics to research and write about, and enjoy the nitty gritty of picking apart a piece to edit it to perfection.