5 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Business

I once worked for a business that declared it needed to publish pieces on LinkedIn to establish itself as an industry leader. That was wise: LinkedIn is a renowned social media platform designed specifically for the purpose of connecting with others professionally. It was where their audience liked to congregate online.

However, that same business also asserted they didn’t need to blog on their own website, as they planned to do it all through LinkedIn. And suddenly, they were the Jon Snow of content development. 

Because there’s no way like neglecting to blog on your own website that shows you know nothing about content marketing.

And there are five reasons why that’s the case.


1. Blogging ensures you can effectively communicate with your audience

You’ve probably had at least one fight with a loved one in your lifetime to know that communication is a two-way street: talking and listening.

If you confine your blogging to a social media account, you’re excluding your audiences that don’t use that particular platform. These people, your current or prospective clients, can’t participate in the conversation you’ve got going - at least, not in a way that you’ll be able to easily monitor.

With a blog on your website, you’ve got the ability to expressly see the demographics who are interacting with your content through analytics software. Your pieces are couched in context of the services and products you provide, and in some cases are one mouse click or tap away from a purchase page.

Don’t blog for the sake of blogging.

Blogging should be part of your overall marketing and brand engagement strategy. Write a blog so you not only effectively communicate with your audience, you also understand your audience.

2. Blogging showcases your niche expertise

No-one wants to look like their brand is based on floundering ignorance. Not even Donald Trump, though his tweets would suggest otherwise.

The reality is that you know your business - whether it be dog grooming, making Etsy products, maybe providing freelance writing services like I do - is the best for a particular reason. You could have a competitive price point, create uniquely exquisite products, or dominate your industry within your local (Or global, gotta think big) area. And you don’t start and continue with a business without knowing your product, or your industry.

You should be showcasing that knowledge on your website - not just on social media.

Think of your website as the focal point to everything that you do online for your business, the main course of your brand experience. Your social media profiles serve as the starters, but they don’t fully satiate a consumer’s appetite for your product. It’s the first real place that consumers can feast their eyes on your business, and your brand.

Afraid of giving away the secret sauce to your business if you start blogging?

Your blog pieces should be a taste for what is to come.

3. Blogging follows the tradition of ‘knowledge’

There are two respected industries that base the crux of what they do on writing: journalism and academia.

While journalists have come under fire recently in the era of ‘fake news’ and academia faces criticism for not really being all that accessible to the masses, this still doesn’t dissuade people from associating written work and automatically assuming its credibility.

In fact, blogging takes some of its practices from both academia and journalism.

Parallel to the principles of writing news articles, the motivation behind blogging is to inform, entertain and persuade your readers. Why?

Journalists know the secret to engaging writing: if you seek to inform, entertain and persuade in your writing, you will attract readers. And readers equate to potential customers.

And where does academia come into it?

Referencing and reacting to sources has long been proper practice for research. It shows you’ve put in an effort to find out what the current state of play is in your field.

This applies to blogging, as well. And, thankfully, bloggers have the benefit of hyperlinks.

4. Blogging is good for indexing on search engines

Chances are, if you’ve been doing your own reading before stumbling across this piece, you know about Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

Well, in adding a blog to your business website, you’re giving more keywords for search engines like Google to process. This works in your favour, because it means that Google can learn what topics and subjects are related to your business.

For example, my website Imagine Copy concentrates on repeatedly showcasing strings of words, or long-tail keywords, like “freelance writer for hire” - after all, I want my constituents to know that I’m a writer, available for hire. However, there is less on my site about SEO; I want to make it clear to search queries that my services focus on writing. Hence, I have many pages on my website that mention writing, and freelance services.


I also want Google to know that SEO falls under the scope of my knowledge base, and it is related to my writing services. And how does it know this? 

Because I am writing about SEO and writing services now, to you. 

So the next time someone searches “SEO and writing services,” this blog post will appear somewhere in the mix.

You want to post blog pieces on your business website to have that same effect.


5. Blogging gives you control over your content

This is important. 

If you have blog pieces that you want to promote to your audience, you can choose to order and display those pieces however you like on your business website.

You can choose how the images look.

You can set the layout.

You can control the hyperlinks.

Depending on the capabilities of social networks, you may not have that autonomy.

Worse, if you choose to publish your work solely on a social media platform, you may end up losing all of your content should the site be shut down.

Remember MySpace?

Yeah, no-one remembers MySpace.


What are your reasons for blogging for your business? Are they different from the reasons mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!


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