Why I am Starting My Own Freelance Writing Business

Today’s job market has no place for young people.

Doubtless that divisive statement will group my readers into two camps. The first can’t agree with that statement, and the second can’t agree more with that statement.

“Well, you’ve obviously bought one too many smashed avocados on toast,” that first lot thinks to themselves. They can exit this article safely now, they've read enough.

For anyone else who can relate to me on an avocado-consuming level, or understands the basic premise that a fulfilling life is about having both financial security and a social life, please continue. 


Why Young People Are Struggling

There are two trends in the workplace that millennials have to contend with. The first concerns the rise of the flexible working day, and how it has seen the creation of a glut of casual positions. The second is the expectation that fresh graduates should have years of experience in their industry in order to get an entry level job.

Having a bit of flexibility with your work hours isn't necessarily a bad thing in itself. Some people would rather prioritise other extracurricular activities, or, spending time with their friends and family. However, less full time positions in the job market also means less job security, and consistent hours, in the positions that are actually available. 

Graduates vying for jobs in their field are now required to have at least two years experience under their belt - though in a lot of cases, this can be around four to five years. 

Surprise, surprise, university-educated millennials are finding themselves working in unskilled positions, or just not working at all.


Bucking the trend in the age of the Internet

Sure, it’s not hard to find pieces that expound the faults of a generation to explain away what’s happening in the current job market. But these ignore the structural problems that needs to be solved on a structural level. That is, businesses aren’t bothered to comprehensively train their staff, and outsourcing has become the norm.

The Internet has served as a massive disrupter to a lot of industries in this regards. And these shifts in hiring and firing don’t just affect millennials - older women have also been feeling the strain.


The Internet has also provided us with two invaluable tools to leverage the current shifts in the workforce:

1. Learning new skills has become much easier through the introduction of online education services such as the likes of Lynda and edEX. 

2. The World Wide Web has dramatically changed not only the way we apply for jobs (Consider even the mere fact that people’s online footprints are now part and parcel of researching potential candidates), but also how accessible we are to be approached for work.

You now have the opportunity to train yourself, and you now have the means of finding your own work in a number of different industries. Entire websites and apps have been developed on this basis - you can petsit, operate a taxi service, deliver food, and create products. The sky is the limit!

And if individuals and businesses are outsourcing their workload to capable people, why shouldn’t you be one of those capable people?

Why should I care about freelancing?

This is where freelancing skills are invaluable. While some would talk about ‘side-hustling’ their way through their work week, others can also make a move towards solely freelancing and owning their own business.

For some millennials who are ambitious and resourceful enough, who have the drive to learn, and who can see that there are opportunities to be had in this dearth of graduate jobs - well, you’ve got yourself some great potential business owners.

You’ve probably realised at this point I’m not too far removed from the picture I’ve painted of young graduates. I’m a young marketing graduate, my friends and family are also young graduates. I’ve seen their struggles to find their place in today’s competitive job market. 

It’s why I started my own B2B and B2C copywriting and content planning service, Imagine Copy. I’ve already had plenty of experience writing for lots of businesses, and am comfortable with composing blog posts, writing advertisements, creating website copy, proofreading and editing. And, I’m very easily contactable.

I know that I can do so much to help businesses with their own online presence. I know that as a small business owner I can be flexible and agile. I know that it’s up to me to make sure that I’m up to date with the latest industry shifts and online marketing trends. I know these things, because I am already doing them.


You need someone who understands social media and how to write for engagement? I challenge you to hire me!


Freelance Copywriter for Hire

Hello, I’m Aisling, your friendly B2B and B2C writer from Imagine Copy! When I’m not fine-tuning my black belt prowess on an exotic island, I spend lots of time on the internet scouring new marketing techniques. You can hire me by getting in touch here.