What I can do for you

We both know you are here because you want quality copy for your website - whether that be in the form of simple introductory text, or for your website’s blog.

However, we also both know that you need more than that.

You need someone who is easy to work with. Someone who is personable and friendly, and flexible to your needs.

You need copy, or perhaps blog posts, that are backed by thorough, discerning research. You know that in the age of the Internet, the key to gaining your client’s trust is through provided thoughtful, incisive information.

And you also need someone who can write with an awareness of all of the audiences who are viewing your content: your customers, and search engines. 

You need value from your freelance writers, and this is where I can help. I am experienced in:

  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Think pieces
  • Feature articles
  • Copywriting

… and more!

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I respect the fact that your projects may have different needs and timeframes. Please feel free to reach out to me through here with a brief about your upcoming writing projects.

Not sure what to include in your brief? Consider:

  • What platform you need writing for (i.e. Social media, website copy, blog, etc.)
  • Who and where your audience is (i.e. Australian students researching their next overseas trip through Asia, or yummy mummies in America exploring how they can put together a health and fitness regime, etc.) 
  • What type of writing you need (i.e. An interview, a feature article, a blog post, a product review, a reaction piece, a series, a transcript for a video, etc.)
  • The tone of the writing (i.e. Formal, conversational, etc.)
  • How long the piece needs to be
  • Whether this writing will fit within a larger content or branding plan
  • The timeframe you would need this to be completed, and the date you want to publish the piece
  • What imagery you would like to pair with the writing (i.e. Have you already organised images, or do you need support in sourcing appropriate pictures?)
  • Your business name and current online presence (i.e. What social media accounts do you have? Have you published your website, or are you seeking to launch?)
  • Your contact information and availability for consultation